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5 Ridiculous And Hilarious Reasons Why Real Couples Have Broken Up

From infidelity to criminal activity, there’s plenty of legitimate reasons to break up with someone. But, as you’ll find out, there’s also a lot of dumb ones. Perhaps you’ve broken up with someone for a dumb reason or been on the receiving end of it. If so, you know well that Breakups are never fun but bogus breakups are the absolute worst. Curious to see the ridiculous reasons people used to break up?

5 ridiculous reasons why real couples have broken up.

5. Cooking
Sometimes people want a solid cook as a partner and maybe that was a priority for this Redditor. They broke up with their girlfriend because she didn’t know how to cook scrambled eggs. Maybe just teach them?

4. Annoying Voice

You say “to-mato” and we say, “tah-mato.” In this case, a guy decided to break up with his girlfriend over her annoying voice and placing the emphasis at a weird part of a sentence.

3. Grammar

A girl on Reddit explained that even though he was nice, she broke up with her boyfriend because he couldn’t spell and didn’t think grammar was necessary. Grammar is important so we slightly empathize with this reason.


2. Green Tea

After getting into a fight over green tea, one Redditor explained she broke up with her boyfriend because he claimed the antioxidant-rich beverage was bad for her.

1. Christmas Present

With Christmas on the way, couples all over the world have to come up with new gift ideas to get their special someone. It can be tough. In this Redditor’s case, he just didn’t want to get her anything. Well, at least he was honest.


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