5 Reasons You Have To Dump Him Before 2016

As a lady there are so many key factors you have to consider in every relationship before settling down with your partner. As the year comes to an end there are some factors you need to check before you take a step further in your relationship.

Below are five key factors every woman must consider in their relationship before 2016:

1. Chains of Girlfriends:

If you have noticed or suspected that your man is keeping several women outside your relationship, it shows that there is tendency that he would have series of extra-marital affairs when you both get married. So be careful.


2. Disrespect:

Either you are his mother or elder sister, every woman deserves to earn her own respect in a relationship. You cannot afford to get married to a man that would disrespect you or your family because he is taking care of you or plans to marry you. Any man who does not respect his woman in a relationship may or may not respect her when they get married.

3. Domestic Violence:

In recent times, this issue has always been a problem between couples. If your boyfriend turns you into a punching bag before both of you walk down the aisle, he is never going to stop when you finally tie the knot. So, be wise in your decisions and study your man before the New Year.


4. Prolonged Relationship:

Dating a man for a long time may worth the while but does not happen to all women. When in a relationship you should have a goal both of you need to achieve within a time frame and you should be able to know if your man will end up making you his life-partner or not. If you have dated your man for years without any marriage proposal, you need to think twice.


5. Lack of Understanding/Dishonest:

Understanding and Honesty plays a very vital role in every relationship. If you do not trust your man or if your man does not trust you, ending such a relationship might be the best bet for you because both you will end up nagging all your life and may result into domestic violence if care is not taken. Dishonesty comes to play when there is lack of understanding which every woman should never make as the foundation of her home.

There are so many things that every lady needs in a relationship aside from sex and money in order to make her happy for the rest of her life. Ladies take note because 2016 is around the corner.


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