5 reasons why women leave ‘good’ men


Women are emotional creatures so they are bound to feel bad when they leave the men they love. It really takes a lot of courage for her to give up and walk away.

A real relationship means fifty-fifty commitment from both sides, if a woman feels she’s investing too much and not getting anything in return, she’s bound to become frustrated and walk away.

Inspired by Lifehack, here are some reasons women leave men they love:

1. No passion: Women are more emotional than men, and will adore a man who isn’t bland. He only needs to show how much he loves her, not just saying it.


2. Doesn’t show maturity: No woman really likes a man who still makes childish decisions, especially when it comes to serious issues. Not being able to take certain responsibilities is a big turn off for any woman.


3. Keeping secrets: When a woman can’t trust a man, that’s because there’s openness between them. She bound to become uncomfortable and walk away from the secrets.

4. Hardly pays attention: Women love it when the men they love listens to them. Relationships are bound to break if a man doesn’t pay enough attention to his woman and is always caught up in his own world.

5. Never says the truth: As much as you want to keep things to yourself, no woman



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