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5 Reasons Why The World Loves Malia Obama!! (PHOTOS)

On Tuesday, July 4, Barack and Michelle Obama’s  daughter celebrated her 19th birthday. At this age, she is one of the most adored celebrity daughters in the world. These five reasons will make you understand why she is admired by all:

1. She is smart

Well, as a daughter of two educated parents, it is only natural that Malia inherits this embarrassment of intelligence. She will go to Harvard University later this year.

Malia Obama turns 19 on July 4


2. She is independent

Malia with her dad Barack Obama at a bookstore

Most American students go directly to university after completing high school. However, Malia decided to take a year off before going to university, a sign of her independence.


3. She is engaged politically

Malia made headlines early in the year when she participated in a protest against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline that President Donald Trump later approved. She said that she is interested in the environment and is ready to help solve the problems she cares about.


Malia and her family humbly serving guests


4. She took another path

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As a daughter of two law graduated parents, Malia had to undergo pressure to study law as well. However, she is interested in creative arts, especially in film production. She trained at Weinstein Co., a film production company in New York.

5. She is discreet

Being the daughter of a president could easily transform a child, but this is not the case with Malia. She rarely gives interviews and has never been the subject of a major scandal.

Both she and Sasha have an excellent sense of fashion

She is a model to follow.

Search result for "5 reasons world absolutely adore malia obama turns"

Search result for "5 reasons world absolutely adore malia obama turns"


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  1. She has to grow up more and open her mouth to speak for herself before I can form an opinion on her as a person. Just as the public waited for Chelsa Clinton to speak, I was totaly unimpressed. She has no chrisma like dad Bill or pretentious rhetoric like mom Hillary. She is just plain dull with a capital “D”.

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