5 Reasons Why Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness

The wise individuals have a tendency to be less cheerful than the others. The things that make the vast majority of the general population feel satisfied and substance, for example, a fruitful profession, adoring family, and committed accomplice, are insufficient to keep a canny individual from feeling depression, distress, and despairing.

WHY Savvy Individuals CAN’T Discover Bliss

The savvy individuals see life in an unexpected way. They go for greater things and can’t be effectively fulfilled, which keeps them from getting a charge out of the great things they have in their life. Here are 5 reasons why the exceedingly keen individuals can’t discover bliss.

1. THEY FEEL Forlorn AND Misjudged

The savvy individuals experience difficulty finding a similarly invested individual who can comprehend their perspectives and handle their perplexing thoughts.

They can’t have an important discussion with somebody on the grounds that the vast majority of the general population can’t think from their point of view.

Most insightful individuals feel desolate and misjudged on the grounds that nobody values the significance and multifaceted nature in which they can see and break down the thinks around them.


Because of their high IQ, the wise individuals have a capacity to envision more prominent things, which keeps them from being happy with the things they have in their life.

They generally attempt to locate a greater reason, goal, and importance. Their serious creative energy doesn’t permit them to appreciate the great things that life brings to the table.

They scan for exceptionalism and uniqueness that don’t exist truly in light of the fact that the common life is excessively exhausting for them. The profound thought people are despondent since they can’t acknowledge the world they live in.



The keen individuals are casualties of over-investigation. They look at in detail everything that occurs in their life.

They think unreasonably before doing anything, which brings about disappointment and disarray. The capacity to dissect things is an awesome preferred standpoint.

Be that as it may, focusing on everything is debilitating and depleting. At times, numbness is the quickest approach to satisfaction.

4. THEY Frequently Create Mental ISSUES

Many reviews have found a connection between profoundly clever personalities and psychiatric issue, for example, social nervousness and bipolar issue. This doesn’t imply that all keen individuals experience the ill effects of some serious mental issue.

Nonetheless, even the ones who don’t, are presented to the danger of gloom which normally happens subsequently of over-considering.

Their steady investigation about everything around them prompts to profound musings about existence and passing.

This significant speculation makes them look the importance of their reality, which makes them to a great degree troubled for no specific reason.


One reason why the keen individuals are troubled is on the grounds that they are to a great degree hard on themselves. They tend to judge their triumphs, disappointments, and everything else about them.

As a rule, they analyze themselves against the most elevated guidelines, and they wind up censuring themselves for all that they need.

The things that turned out badly in their life fill in as an indication of their disappointments, which fills their psyches with blame and discontent. The incessant flashbacks of their past mix-ups are sufficient to make them hopeless and despondent.


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