5 reasons travel is essential to education

How we see the world tends to change after having direct contact with people from different cultures and historical background.

It helps expand our knowledge of the world and gain new perspectives. Travelling is a good form of education that most times explains better what has been read and studied from afar.

Here are 5 reasons we think travel is key to education.

1. Beyond the books:

From an early age, books have been introduced to teach us about the world out there. Different books touch on various subject matters which help us get ready for the larger society. It is good to go further and visit places to see for ourselves. You are likely to discover for yourself new things the author or your teachers didn’t touch on. Travel definitely helps improve your understanding of things you have read about and discover the things you don’t know.

2. Socialization:

As you learn about the world, interacting with people from different cultures and background is also a means of education. You can read about a foreign destination but meeting the people is the best way to get authentic scoops about the place. You can also notice the difference in culture, mannerism and general lifestyle. Connections made through travel can be useful in later years. It is also an opportunity to practice and perfect the foreign language you have been learning.


3. See/experience history:

Having a first hand experience is always the best. You might have read books and seen movies made about various historical events but there is so much to be experienced that can’t be depicted in movies or books.

4. Adventures:

One of the reasons travel is so enjoyable is that it combines adventure with education. While you are having fun exploring sights and landmarks, you get to learn new things. An adventurous trip to Accra for instance could involve visiting landmarks such as Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, finding about the great African country at the National Museum of Ghana, tasting the delicious Banku or getting acquainted with the cultural significance and aesthetics of Kente traditional attire.

5. A new consciousness:

We often get advised to step out of our comfort zone in order to achieve our potential. Leaving your regular environment to experience another culture can be challenging but it helps us discover ourselves most times. Travel often present that defining moment in our life that awakens our passion and inspires us towards our goals.

Whether you are visiting a foreign destination or visiting new places within your country, travel is a rich form of education.


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