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5 Rare Eye Colours of Africans You Would Love to See [With Photos]

The colours of Africans eyes are warranted by the degree of melanin concentration in the eye and the mode by which the iris disperses light entering the eye. The iris is that part of the human eye made up of a thin circular structure that controls the amount of light entering the eye.

The most dominant eye colour there is throughout the world is brown, with an estimated 79 per cent of the world’s population retaining their hold on it. Of the 79 per cent with brown-coloured eyes, persons living within Africa and some parts of Asia have the highest numbers with the rest scattered across the globe.

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In Africa, however, the high concentration of melanin amongst Africans has accounted for the widespread presence of deep brown-coloured eyes.

There are Africans who by virtue of the genetic packages received from both or either parent as well as the concentration of melanin in their eye region, have eye colours outside of the statistical norm, making them rare within the context of the African community. But this is neither a mere coincidence nor a mistake as Africa is home to the first known human from whose genetic endowments all other physical human traits the world over have been biologically derived.

Here Are Instances Of Such Rare Sightings.
5 Rare Eye Colours of Africans You Would Love to See | How Africa News
Blue Shade

The blue eye colour accounts for about 10 per cent of the global population with Europe retaining a great percentage of persons with such eye colour. Blue-coloured eyes result from low melanin levels in the respective eye area and the manner by which the iris scatters light entering the eye.

5 Rare Eye Colours of Africans You Would Love to See | How Africa News

Green shade

This eye colour accounts for about 2 per cent of the global population. It is guaranteed by genetic inheritance, melanin concentration in the eye area and of course, the light-scattering ability of the iris.

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Grey shade

The grey-coloured eye is one of the rarest eye colour shades the world over. It tends to carry shades of green and blue within it depending on how active or otherwise the eyes may be responding to light. This eye colour is also biologically influenced by the melanin concentration in the eye.

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Hazel shade

Persons with hazel-coloured eyes contribute to 5 per cent of the global populace. On occasions, this rare eye colour shifts colour tone from green to blue with dominant hints of the core hazel shade retained in the background, and this is due to light dispersing as well as melanin concentration abilities of the eyes.

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Amber shade

The amber-coloured eye also contributes an estimated 5 per cent of persons to the global eye colour population estimate. Like all other shades apart from the dominant brown, it is caused by the actions of the iris and melanin concentration within the eye region in question.

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