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5 Psychological Traits To Adopt To Be Happy

Most times when we take a good look at our lives, we realise changes we need to make are more psychological than physical.

Colleagues laughingColleagues laughing

These psychological changes all depend on the way we think. In our personal development, thinking right makes you a happier and more productive person.

Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are 5 psychological traits to adopt to be happy

1. Confidence: You see confident people  and you aim to be like them. Well, go for it. If you keep trying , you’ll realise it’s becoming more natural as each day goes by.
Happy PeopleHappy People

2. Avoiding arguments that don’t yield results: Letting your arguments escalate into a fight is simply draining and a total waste of productive time. Learn how to reduce tension when you realise things are getting out of hand, you’ll get less angry if you do so.
3. Thankful: In a world where negative things are more shown than the positive, we should be more aware of the positive things in our lives and focus on them. One way to do that is by being thankful of the things you have.
4. Self-worth: Self-worth is very important in our lives. If you know how you deserve to be treated in both your work and personal life, then people will start to value you in that manner.
Happy ManHappy Man

5. Learning to say ‘NO’: Sometimes you take on too much just by saying yes to everyone’s needs and wants. Learn to start saying no to requests and you’ll realise that you’ll become happier.
6. Avoid procrastinating: Instead of taking certain actions immediately, you keep postponing and tell yourself ‘one more day’. Life is just one step at a time, take that first step and you’ll surprise at how far you’ve come by the end of the day.



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