5 personal things must not do on social media

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Most people spend their free time online and social media has become a platform to express yourself.

There are things that shouldn’t get on social media because they meant to be kept private and only shared within your social circle offline. Posting these private things online could backfire in the end.

Inspired by Times of India, here are some personal things that shouldn’t be found online:

1. Insult an ex: As much as your relationship ended on a bad note, it’s advisable to keep your rant within your social circle offline.

2. Bad talk about your former or present co-worker: No matter how bad their behaviour may have been, they don’t deserve to be called out by you online.



3. Bad talk about your neighbour: He/she lives close to you. It’s better to confront them than run them down online.

4. Fight with your partner online: Doesn’t matter how messy the fight you had with your partner was. Giving details on social media would break your relationship faster than anything else. Worst of all, it could turn out embarrassing for you.

5. Fight with your best friend online: This could cause irreparable damage to the friendship you built over the years. Bad mouthing each other on social media platform could attract unsolicited advice and insults from unwanted commenters.



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