5 Outrageous Acts Of Revenge On Cheating Hearts

Finding out your spouse – or committed significant other – has been cheating on you will rip out your heart. Even mere allegations of such a betrayal can send a relationship into a tailspin from which it may never return. While tears, yelling, and leaving are common reactions to cheating, some people seek revenge (or justice, depending on your perspective). They take things a step further than most.

Consider this an interesting list of outrageous reactions to cheating hearts and a compilation of what not to do should you be confronted with infidelity:

1. Castration

Burning or cutting off your man’s penis has happened far more often than you can imagine, at least if you believe the Internet. Lorena Bobbitt famously sliced off her abusive husband’s penis in 1993.  Since then, there have been lots of stories about women doing this over cheating and not abuse. In January 2015, theNew York Post reported of a wife in China who cut off her husband’s penis twice – once at home and once in the hospital after he had it sewn back on – because she discovered steamy text messages between him and his mistress.

Some women have cut it off, while others have set fire to the entire crotch. Either way, we can all agree such removal warrants us all yelling, “Ouch!”

2. Setting Fire to Stuff

Speaking of flames, many victims of cheating have burned their ex’s stuff. Admit it, you probably have roasted some marshmallows in a bonfire made from your ex’s books and clothes. The girls on Friends did it at least once. Taylor Swift has sung about it.

And some media outlets that write about relationships have even offered advice on how to safely burn your ex’s worldly possessions. More than a few people have let you watch the flames burn on YouTube videos. Anyone who goes this route just has to be careful because a visit from the fire department would sour that sweet revenge.


3. Selling All His or Her Belongings

A less violent way to get back at your soon-to-be ex is selling your cheating spouse’s belongings. A Canadian woman famously advertised a “Lying, Cheating Sale” on Craigslist at which she promised to sell her husband’s stuff after he allegedly betrayed her, according to Huffington Post.

Many a person has thrown a spouse’s belongings in a pile on the lawn. But why not make a few bucks instead?

4. Advertising Your Ex’s Bad Behavior

Granted, over the years, some of the billboards that seemed to be about cheating husbands or wives were hoaxes or publicity stunts for private detectives or reality shows. But a few turned out to be legit. One wifeput the following sign on her front lawn, “My husband left us for a 22-year-old, house for sale,” according to Adweek. Another, only known as Lisa, in England posted a digital billboard for her husband and all the world to see that indicated she knew about his affair and she was leaving him. She timed it so he couldn’t miss it during his daily commute to work, according to

5. Making Sex Tapes Public

Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson have all had exes, who made sex tapes public. Granted, some might argue it boosted their careers. Still, most people find such private and intimate moments being shared with the world to be humiliating. One guy who posted a sex tape of him and his ex doing the deed, in the hopes she would be embarrassed and lose her job, was charged with improper photography and visual recording, according to W Dish. I guess she got the last laugh.



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