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5 Must-See Tech-Featuring Movies For Children

Like adults, kids have varied tastes. A concurrent theme in modern films is technology and this is a subject that seems to appeal to most members of the family. There have been some fantastic films based on technology, gadgets and invention.

With the upcoming release of the technology-heavy, Big Hero 6, it seems timely that we at Fueled looked at some of our favorite family films featuring tech.

Back to the Future


Starring Michael J Fox in the lead as Marty McFly, this is the ultimate film depicting fantasy technologies of the future, namely a time machine. Marty befriends Dr. Emmett Brown, an eccentric inventor played by Christopher Lloyd, and is accidentally taken back in time. He finds that he is then ultimately responsible for his own existence, as he needs to make sure his mom and dad begin a relationship or he will never be born. A sequel, Back to the Future II was later released in 1989, followed by Back to the Future III in 1990.



Like many of the best family movies, this one is animated. Robots is a fantastic film that features technology in two ways. Firstly, all the characters in this 2005 film are robots. Secondly, the main character, Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan Macgregor), is an aspiring inventor. His inventions are a feature throughout the film and he travels to the city to meet his idol, inventor Bigweld, to help him forward his career and become recognized as an innovative designer of new technologies. Along the way Rodney meets a host of friends, including Fender (voiced by the late great Robin Williams) who help him on his journey.

Despicable Me



This is another animated film, featuring the inventor and criminal mastermind, Gru (Steve Carrell). Released in 2010, Gru hatches a plot to steal the moon and become the most powerful criminal of all time. To cover up his secret, he adopts three young children from a local orphanage. Gru and his minions (whose hilarious antics make for the best part of the movie) prepare for their mission by building rockets, land cars, air battle vehicles, freeze rays and shrink rays. His plans all go well until the three little girls want him to be their dad and his plans to steal the moon are put aside. This hit movie was followed by Despicable Me 2 in 2013.



Wall-E is a Disney PIXAR collaboration that was released in 2008. This futuristic film features a garbage-collecting robot, named Wall-E, who is left to clear up Earth when humans abandon the planet because of the amount of waste created by products sold by the Buy N Large Corporation. With the exception of a cockroach, Wall-E is the only ‘person’ left on Earth. That is until a reconnaissance robot, EVE returns to Earth to see if it can once again be inhabited by humans. Wall-E and EVE fall in love and eventually bring the humans back to earth to re-populate the planet.

Star Wars


While many don’t consider this a kid’s movie, it definitely has something for the whole family. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know the story of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia as they try and save the galaxy from the evil Darth Vader. This series is surrounded by tech promising anything from fully functional robots (C3-PO and R2-D2) to holographic communication to lightsabers (dangerous-but everyone wants one). This movie probably inspired a lot of children (including some of the Fueled staff) to join the tech industry and will continue to do so as long as the saga lives on and is passed down from generation-to-generation.

With the evolution and invention of new technologies and gadgets each year and the interest of children in this subject, it is likely that technology will continue to be a strong theme in films both now and in the future.


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