5 Miracles Of Jesus Christ that was Never mentioned


5 Miracles Of Jesus Christ that was Never mentioned


1 TALKING TO 5000 MEN WITHOUT A MICROPHONE before going further make i ask you just 1 question,how far can your voice go?Jesus christ talks to over 5 thousand men without even a microphone or speaker,that guy might be having headache everyday due to screaming.


2 HIS PHILOSOPHICAL APPROACH TO ISSUE’S Although Jesus never attended college(i dont know if he attended high school,abeg no ask me).But he settle dispute and answer questions in a more matured way,for instance when the pharisees(or whatever) where about stoning Mary Magdalene,he told them”if you have not done such things in your life,then stone her” but they all dispersed.

3 HIS ABILITY TO TALK FOR DAYS WITHOUT EATING OR DRINKING Jesus Christ can teach for days without showing an expression of hunger or thirst,for instance when he fed 5 thousand men,he had taught for two days without eating anything and yet he is more worried about the crowd that just sit and listen to him.
4 HIS ABILITIES TO KNOW NAMES Although Jesus christ has many Friends and followers but still he knew the names of everyone,for instance he called all his Apostles by name before they became his Apostles,he called Mattew and Zaccheus by name,he also called many people which i wouldnt mention.

5 HIS SPIRIT OF ENDURANCE AND LOVE Jesus was sent into the world to die for our sin not for his own sin and yet he accepted to die,he was born like a horse rather than a King,he started enduring at the age of twelve when he revealed his real family(us),Jesus endured hunger for 40 days and 40 night,he endured temptation,suffered till death just for you and i.


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