5 Mind Blowing Guinness World Records You Never Heard Of

Of course, everyone knows about the Guinness World Records holders of the longest finger nails, longest hair, or most tattoos, but what about the many, many other records no one knows about? Here are the 5 mind blowing Guinness World Records you never heard of:

5. Largest Pillow Fight


Saint Paul, Minnesota holds the record for world’s largest pillow fight. This feat was achieved With 6,261 people at a Saint Paul Saints game.

4. Largest Sushi Mosaic


Measuring at 608.16 square feet, Norwegian chefs put together the largest sushi mosaic as part of a 100-year anniversary celebration of the Bodø Glimt football club.


3. Tallest Stack of Donuts


Can you say delicious? In celebration of The Simpsons Movie, 20th Century Fox and Capital Radio put together a team of eight to stack 1,764 ring donuts, measuring 43.5 inches.

2. Most High Fives in a Minutes

Kaiser Permanente in a partnership with Pro Bowl conerback Jason Verrett achieved a world record for the most ‘high fives’ give in a minute. The record was created on April 21st, 2016 in San Diego, California where Verrett completed a ‘high five’ course in 40 seconds.

1. Most Kisses Received in 30 Seconds

On July 16th 2017, Florian Silbereisen was kissed by 25 Alba Dancers cheerleaders 74 times in 30 seconds. This lucky man now claims the world record for the most kisses received in 30 seconds.

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