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5 Major Reasons Your Data Subscription Doesn’t Last


The advent of Smartphones in the recent times has made it easy for people to gain unrestricted access to information. We live in a knowledge driven world and environment, so having access to information at your fingertips has become a prerequisite if you must gain competitive advantage. The internet plays a pivotal role in connecting people to web based resources and PCs are the major platforms people use to access the internet.

Recently, mobile platforms are increasingly becoming the most important devices people use to access the internet. The reason isn’t far fetched. Most business activities in our world today require people to be on-the-go, mobility is key. This is where our Smartphone comes in. It gives us the ability to stay abreast of the latest information and developments by providing us easy access to the internet, even on-the-go.

All Smartphones require internet data to access to the internet or one form of data subscription. However, we all know how expensive it is to access the internet via our smartphones, especially in this part of the world. In Nigeria, most telecom service providers provide their customers mouth watering internet data plans to lure and retain them. But then, there’s something common about these service providers – “insufficient data allowance.’’


Currently, the average price of a 250MB data plan, with a one month validity period, goes for N1000, which is grossly insufficient for the average Smartphone user. Realistically, a 250Mb data plan should last an average Smartphone user – 4days, but it’s officially expected to last 30days, based on the terms and condition of most telecom operators in the country. A lot of Nigerians have complained about the insufficient data allowance provided by telecom operators, and these operators have advised that we cut down on certain activities leading to excessive data consumption. Here five reasons why your data subscription doesn’t last and you can begin the cut down from there.

1. Failure to turn off push settings

We all know that the push settings in our smartphones are highly valuable and they keep us up-to-speed with our emails and social media messages. The push setting lets you receive instant notifications on your social media accounts as well as well as e-mails. However, they have an adverse effect on your battery as well as data subscription. The constant synchronization between your Smartphone’s mailbox as well as social media account requires constant use of valuable data.


People with unlimited data plan, which is very expensive, don’t need to be mindful about adjusting their push settings, except to conserve battery juice when necessary. Business men and women require constant update with regards to their emails as well as their business social media pages, so it’s okay for these categories of individuals to leave their push settings on. Most times, these categories of individual wouldn’t find the cost of subscribing to unlimited data plans an issue. If you don’t belong to these categories of persons or you belong to the low income cadre, you should consider turning off your push setting, and then manually synchronize your emails messages as well as social media accounts when you deem fit.

2. Creating Personal hotspots

The beauty about most modern Smartphones is that they allow you to create your own personal WI-Fi-hotspots, which allows you to share your Smartphone data plans with friends and family as long as they are around you and you have given them unrestricted access to your hotspot. The problem some Smartphone users fail to realize is that these connected Smart devices jostle for the same data allowance meant for a single Smartphone, making them exhaust your data plan pretty quickly. Creating personal WIFI hotspots are meant for subscribers with unlimited data plan or those with sufficient data allowance.

3. Downloading too many free apps

Many Smartphone owners are in a habit of downloading free apps, which isn’t a bad idea to start with. In our local parlance “Awoof they purge belle,” nothing is really free in our world today. It must cost you something – either financial consideration or in kind. These free apps you download may not cost you financially, but you’d definitely be bombarded with irrelevant ads that use up your valuable data.

4. Failure to keep track of data usage

Most modern smartphones come with some kind of data counter, which is popularly referred to as data usage. This data counter or data usage utility was created to help you keep track of your mobile data consumption, so you’d know when to slowdown on activities that requires extensive data usage. This will allow you prorate your data allowance and spread it over its validity period. Failure to monitor your data usage will result premature data exhaustion.

5. Updating apps via 3G/4G

It’s essential to keep your favorite apps up-to-date, but then when done over 3G/4G network; it results in excessive data usage. People with unlimited data plans wouldn’t have a problem updating these apps via these networks. It’s preferable to program your apps to automatically update only via WI-FI, but you can choose to update via 3G/4G manually when it’s absolutely necessary.

Mobile data management can be a very difficult thing to do. If you are living within a budget, then it’s absolutely essential that you master a few tricks to keep your data usage in check. You have to be careful with ‘push setting’ adjustments as well as creating hotspot networks. Try as much as possible to avoid downloading free apps as well as updating already existing ones via 3G or 4G. Monitor your data usage with keen eyes; you just might discover the perfect formulae to help you effectively manage your mobile data subscription.

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