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5 Living room rug ideas that will change your entire space


Rugs, like hardwood floors and carpet, have many practical benefits. It prevents heat loss through drafts and keeps the interior warmer for less money. It reduces the impact of footsteps, keeping noise from reverberating through the floor below. Regarding decor, it can inject a great deal of character into a family room.

Rugs come in such a wide variety of styles and colours that you may incorporate the one you love into any room in your home. To help you get started, we’ve compiled 5 different ideas for living room rugs.


1.     Use colour as a theme

Incorporating rugs for sale into a space is a simple method to improve its aesthetic value by increasing its level of cosiness, colour, and texture. They are more adaptable than living room carpets or other forms of fixed floor-covering, as they may be used to soften a harsh stone, tiled, or wooden floor and stacked atop already comfortable flooring to add interest and demarcate spaces.

Consider your rug a work of floor art. These days, rugs are seen as an investment piece that can be used to transform a room, so it’s not uncommon to see individuals getting creative with their selections.


2.     Integrate a statement rug

Furniture around a dramatic rug can be kept basic, and the rug’s colours can be picked up on with throw pillows, drapes, and other accessories.

Alternately, if your furniture is already in place, you may finish the area off with complementary or neutral rugs for sale, perhaps one with an inviting texture or smooth finish to lend a touch of luxury.



3.     Liven up the room with patterned rugs

One of the most challenging aspects of furnishing a living room is doing so with pattern, particularly when it comes to rugs.

When decorating with patterns, keep in mind that each one has its own personality; for example, a damask has a more formal air, while a pictorial picture tells a tale and injects a whimsical air into the room.

Stick to a monochromatic color scheme if you’re not sure what to do. A modern farmhouse look that is warm, inviting, and full of texture can be achieved by combining patterned flooring with otherwise neutral living room ideas.


4.     Create interest with bold blues

A room may be completely transformed with the help of a few strategically placed deep blue rugs. This is a vibrant, happy colour that works well in busy, sociable settings.

If you have a large room, going with dark flooring might make it feel cosier. Whereas plush, opulent rugs can be linked with old-fashioned decorating schemes, those in trendy blues and purples exude an eclectic mix of elegance and refinement that would look great in your living room.


5.     Create a contemporary feel with stripes

Interior designers know that a striped rug placed in front of a solid wall may completely transform the feel of a room by drawing the attention in a different direction and changing the visual hierarchy of the space. Like the planks on a floor, the traditional look of a stripe can visually extend and broaden a room.




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