5 Key Questions To Ask Before You Travel Abroad During The Pandemic

A seaside holiday in Mauritius or a shopping trip to Dubai, an international holiday for Africans sounds tempting after months of lockdown and travel restrictions.

However, travellers need to be mindful of where and how they travel during the pandemic.

Here are five questions you should ask yourself before you travel abroad:

Is the international travel trip worth it?

You might be rolling your eyes to the above question.

“Of course, it is worth it. What do you mean?” you may say, retorting,

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“Why wouldn’t it be?” International travel is permitted in some African countries to selected destinations, but many travellers are weighing their options before they fly.

While there’s nothing better than flooding your Instagram stories with all your travel escapades in an exotic destination, one has to be mindful of the pandemic. Coronavirus is very much around, and cases are on the rise at many destinations.

Research the destination you want to visit and check their Covid cases, read up on the latest news and enquire about the places that you should avoid. Your research will determine whether you book that trip or not.

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Do I have enough cash saved if the destination implements travel restrictions and mandatory quarantine?

Some destinations may require you to quarantine or impose travel restrictions. Many Africans were stranded earlier this year in parts of Asia, Europe and the US due to travel restrictions.

Many of them ran out of money, some even resorting to sleeping at the airport or public spaces as they couldn’t afford accommodation.


If you decide to go, budget accordingly. Have enough money saved to deal with travel emergencies.

Will my travel insurance cover me should an incident occur?

Taking travel insurance is mandatory, but travellers need to ask themselves whether it will cover them or not for Covid-19 related issues and other travel emergencies. Always read the fine print and get at least three quotes before you decide.

Will I be able to explore?

Travelling to the destination is the first step in the journey. Travellers need to check what restrictions the destination has, will they be able to explore certain attractions and will they need to book before visiting? The last thing they would want is to be stuck in a hotel room with nowhere to go.

Do I have enough leave for travel?

Booking a holiday is more than just purchasing your flight tickets, accommodation and tours. In a Covid-19 world, one needs to also factor in Covid-19 testing and quarantine times (if the destination requires) and you may need to take extra leave once you arrive back home.

Jennifer Morris, the owner of Travel Savvy, told reporters that there are many factors that travellers need to take into consideration before they embark on their international holiday, leave being one of those factors.

Travellers may be asked to quarantine or self-isolate when they return to South Africa, meaning that you will need at least 10 extra days of leave scheduled.


*By Clinton Moodley



Written by How Africa News

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