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5 Inspiring Quotes From Lupita Nyong’o To Help You Assume Your Personality

Lupita Nyong’o is a young Mexican actress Kenyan-Born on 1 st March 1983 in Mexico City, it was unknown to the public until 2014. In fact, she played the supporting role in the film 12 years a slave who he earned an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. The same year, she was named the most beautiful woman in the world by People magazine. It is therefore well placed to inspire us to assume ourselves as a person but also as a black person.


So here are 5 quotes from Lupita Nyong’o to assume your own personality.

  • “I worked hard to feel beautiful with my natural skin. I never want to personally depend on make-up to feel beautiful. “
  • “As human beings, we are not as individual as we would like to believe. And I think that’s what makes action possible. Despite the fact that I have not experienced anything, I have the ability to imagine and put myself in the shoes of a person, and even take his situation personally.  “


  • “You go to a comedy school to learn to be someone else, to play someone else, but in reality, it taught me to be myself. Because you understand deeply that you can put yourself in the shoes of another person, his situation and his experience. “
  • “What I have learned myself is that I do not have to be someone else; that I am quite well; and that when I am faithful to myself, I can do extraordinary things. You must allow the impossible to become possible. “

5 encouraging quotes from Lupita Nyong'o to assume your personality

  • “I was stunned. It is not every day that we awake by being named the most beautiful woman in the world! I was happy for little girls of color. It values ​​them, shows them that they too can exist on the public stage.

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