5 Incredibly Strange Airports That Poses Threat To Landing

People around the world travel regularly either on business trips or for pleasure purposes and it is the obligation of most airlines to provide quality services in order to retain their clientele base. Airports (both international and domestic) are situated close to cities hub points or a few miles away from it. However, some airports are strangely constructed and landing of flights there will be highly challenging. These airports are considered to be strange, because some of them feature strange twists that make them highly complicated for pilots to land flights, while others have unusual specifications that are enough to name them strange. Some of the names and descriptions of these airports around the world;

1. Denver International Airport, with its distinctive roof line that evokes the Rocky Mountains was opened in 1995 and has received various awards for its operational activities, yet the airport is not safe for the landing of business flights. There is actually a vast underground installation beneath the airport. Also, the strikingly unconventional artwork of the airport makes it a bad fit for plane landing.

Denver International Airport.

2. Another strange airport identified is the Courcheval Airport, France. This bizarre airport situated in the French Alps, France has a very short runway with a steep of 18.5% gradient. Landing a flight at this airport is very difficult because of its towering mountain which makes the task for pilots very hectic. Another reason, to be noted, is that, the airport has an altitude of about 6,500, and this is not too favorable for the landing of flights.

Courchevel Airport.


3. In Honduras, Toncontin International Airport can not be over emphasized as a strange airport. This airport occupies a ridge in the center of Honduras mountains capital of Tegucigalpa and has long been a reason of fear for both pilots and travelers because of unsafe landing on its two sides. Its runway is about 6,631 feet high, yet extremely short, thus increasing the chances of accidents.

Toncontin International Airport.

4. Congonhas -Sao Paulo Airport, located in Brazil is yet another strange airport with a city of 14 million inhabitants. Though it was constructed miles away from the center of the city, landing in this airport is cheap but at the same time very dangerous. This conclusion was arrived at because it was opened in 1936; in those days, the city’s population was not as high compared to what it is presently. The airport poses several landing issues for the pilots, such as over population of the city and limited area, as well as noise pollution which could be a major distraction.

Congonhas-Sao Paulo Airport.

5. Situated in the Himalayas, Nepal, sits Tenzing – Hillary Airport Nepal, an airport known for its strange nature. It was gathered that previously a plane had reached there and it took the plane hours to look for the safe landing pad, and with this reason, this airport is considered to be one of the most dangerous and strange airports in the world. Just north of the runway of the airport is present loom mountain, and at the southern end of the runway is a ditch-like valley, which makes it a difficult choice for pilots to go there for landing.

Tenzing-Hillary Airport.

With the knowledge of these strange airports, travelers passing through them either in transit or as a final destination can only hope for the best there.


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