5 Hilarious Reasons To Marry Your Girl ASAP!!!

When it comes to settling down, some men have a hard time picking the right woman, so if you find out the woman in you life possesses the following attribute, then you must marry her at once. Here are some of these qualities…

1. If she says I hate to shop: Every woman loves to shop, and a large chunk of their budget (or should we say their man’s) goes into it. So when she says she hates to shop, marry her right away.

2.She says she hates to gossip: Oh my! Even though they will never agree, most women love to gossip (the born again inclusive), so when bae says she hates to gossip, please marry her.


3. If she allows you to roll with your friends as much as you like and even allows you have them over at weekends, just marry her.

4. If you’re a football fan and she watches your matches with you, just go ahead and pop the question.

5. If she hates to argue and doesn’t interrogate you like the police, marry her quickly.

6. If she probe your phone calls, text messages and trusts you with her life, what are you waiting for man?

What do you think???


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