Here are 5 Healthy Habit Myths That Are Costing You Money

It feels like every day a new study comes out to tell us how we should live our lives. These “foolproof” studies declare the newest “magic” food to add years to our lives, or a miracle cure to treat an existing condition. However, like everyone else, you know there will always be a study not too far down the road telling everyone the exact opposite. However, some studies are blatantly false, and have been scientifically disproven. These 16 healthy habits are not only costing you money, but might be harming you in the long run.

1. Using hand sanitizer

Norovirus and C. difficile, two common infections, are immune to sanitizing gels. If you really want to have clean hands, simply wash them throughout the day.

2. Using a standing desk


Recent studies found no direct health benefits other than additional calorie loss when using a standing desk.

3. Avoiding microwaves

Microwaves actually do a better job keeping vitamins within the food than ovens.

4. Drinking almond milk

Yes, almond milk contains more protein than regular milk. However, it contains only 2% of the daily protein requirements while having none of the same vitamins as regular milk.

5. Juicing

Fiber in fruits is entirely removed during juicing. This leaves you with only the sugar, negating any benefit.



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