5 Health benefits of onions

The benefits of onions extend well beyond their ability to impart flavour into any dish. In fact, this common veggie has a range of health benefits too.

1. Quercetin is key

This flavanoid is linked to a range of health benefits including cancer prevention. It encourages blood flow and enhances heart health too.  In addition, it promotes balanced blood pressure and helps keep stress levels in check.

2. Reduce your risk of diabetes

A contribution factor to diabetes is unstable blood sugar. Onions contain chromium which helps to combat this.


3. Boost your immune system

Onions aid immunity as they are rich in vitamin C as well as antioxidants. They also have anti-inflammatory properties to boost healing.

4. Amp up your bones

The high sulphur content of this veggies, is beneficial for your bones and connective tissue. Several studies have associated eating onions with good bone density.

5.  Ant-inflammatory properties is one of the key benefits of onions

This helps alleviate arthritis, allergic airway reactions, heal wounds and more. The antioxidants in onions also prevent the oxidation of fatty acids which are essential to keep the body functioning optimally.


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