5 Gestures To Do In Case Of Cramp

Is there anyone who reads the first lines of this article and has never experienced this painful and sometimes fun moment making you still like a stone statue? Cramps do not prevent. They sometimes surprise you at anodyne moments: by wearing their pants, playing football, swimming etc … Indeed it involves involuntary contractions, painful, a segment of muscle, an entire muscle or of several muscles, for a few seconds or minutes. It is, in short, a painful period in which the muscle becomes hard. Many improvised techniques are often very funny that each of us uses so that this unpleasant moment can disappear very quickly. However here are 5 gestures to do in case of cramp:

1- Stop all effort 

The pursuit of the effort will promote the contraction of the muscle so obviously will increase the intensity and duration of cramps.

2- Sit or lie down and stretch the contracted muscle 


you will allow the muscle to be at rest and serenely promote the end of contractions. For example, if you have a calf cramp, lift your leg and pull the tip of your foot upwards (pull the tip of the foot towards you). Once this exercise is complete, try walking on the heels for a few minutes.

man doing stretches

3- Gently massage the painful muscle by slowly extending the limb

This massage would be very beneficial with the use of muscle relaxants (drugs to relax contracted muscles) in the form of cream, balm or ointment.

4- Drink mineralized water (rich in magnesium) and sweet

Ions promote exchanges in muscle tissue.

man drinking a bottle of water

5- Apply warm compresses

Putting warm compresses on the contracted muscle will favor its relaxation. 


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