5 food items that should always be in your fridge

We all love a good binge.

Few things are more pleasurable than reclining on a sofa and just indulging on a good, ol’ snack while watching a really good movie.

But as we know, if this binging always includes calorie-soaked snacks, then in due time there’ll be nothing left of the waistline.

Notwithstanding we still love a good binge and to this end we sought to find great food items which could cure the need for binge-eating and still be great for our bodies.

Check them out.

  1. Apples: There’s a reason why the saying goes ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’. Apples are rich in sugar which is great for energy. They also reduce intestinal disorders, are great for the heart and – they’re really just tasty!

  2. Bananas: They’re rich in sugar which in turn provides energy for the body. Bananas are also great for the brain and help overcome depression due to high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin — the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter. This also acts as a stress reliever and helps combat PMS.

  3. Dates: This is the perfect substitute to ice cream, cake or any of those sweet desserts that you’re probably wishing we advise you to stock instead. Dates are rich in magnesium which helps the muscles and enzymes to work properly.

  4. Red wine: Red wine is rich in anti-oxidants which is great for the heart. It also fulfills the need for alcohol which is just as well.

  5. Cashew nuts: Cashew nuts are also rich in anti-oxidants which is great for the body. It also contains calcium which is great for the bones and teeth plus copper is the mineral which helps hair get colour and cashew contains plenty of it. Need we say more ladies?


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  1. Thanks alot you have enlightened me on healthy matters, i dint know that when you eat properly you reduce chances of falling sick, thus cutting cost of going to the doctor.

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