5 Famous Celebrities Who Have Blood On Their Hands

Some of the killer celebs on this list probably didn’t actually mean to off some poor unsuspecting soul. Whether it was bad luck, bad judgement or just plain old bad juju, their most infamous moment sort of just happened. Notice I said most of these stars didn’t mean to do what they did. If you’re paying attention, that means you know as well as I do that some of them actually did. And that’s the scary part, isn’t it. Here you’ve got a person with all the fame, fortune and glory one could ever hope for and they still behaved like a gangbanger on a bender. Makes you feel real good about our most famous folk, don’t it? Here’s a tip- the next time you’re on the red carpet, you just might want to watch your back. I’m just saying’.

1. Aaron Hernandez

So Johnny Lewis may have just straight-up gone nuts but I’d still rather have faced him than this guy. Aaron Hernandez was once considered one of the great prospects in the National Football League, a star tight end for the New England Patriots who, along with Rob Gronkowski, was going to redefine the position. Well, Gronk has certainly done that (and redefined partying!) but Hernandez has, unfortunately for his victims, redefined what it means to be an evil NFL player. Forget OJ and Ray Lewis, Hernandez was convicted of first degree murder in 2015 for the killing of a semi-pro football player who was supposedly his friend. He is serving life without parole for the murder. But wait, that’s not all. He has also been indicted for a double-murder in Boston in 2012, and accused of multiple shootings in a few different cities in Florida as far back as 2007. Hernandez is very obviously a very bad guy and I for one am quite content to let him rot where he is.

2. Oscar Pistorius

This celeb killer is kind of tough to stomach, as Oscar Pistorius was such an inspiration to so many. I’m sure you remember his story; he was the Olympic runner with the prosthetic legs. Not the Para-Olympics runner- the real Olympics runner. People flocked to see him race and he seemed to serve as a role model of hope and hard work. Except… Except Pistorius was subject to violent fits of rage and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day 2013, when he claimed he thought there was an intruder in his house and shot at her four times. He was convicted of South Africa’s equivalent to manslaughter and is serving six years, although there are tons of people who remain furious that he got such a light sentence. I guess Oscar couldn’t quite outrun the law on this one.


3. Ray Lewis

Good old Ray Lewis; future NFL Hall of Famer, ESPN MNF analyst, fierce but respected competitor and all-around good guy, am I right? Well…maybe so and maybe not. You see Ray, the former linchpin of the dominant Baltimore Raven’s defense, was once charged with a double homicide. It all went down on the eve of the 2000 Super Bowl in Atlanta, when Lewis and some friends were on their way to Lewis’s limo after exiting a nightclub. They got into some kind of street brawl with another group and when the smoke had cleared, two men were lying on the ground stabbed to death. The cops investigated and, almost two weeks after the incident charged Lewis and his friends. Lewis spent two-weeks in jail before he plea bargained and testified against his buds. He was held to a lesser charge of obstructing justice after the plea bargain. Here’s the thing, though- they never found the white suit Lewis was wearing. There was blood from one of the victims in his limo. He ratted out his friends for a dropped charge. Ray Lewis may or may not be a celebrity killer but I’m sure not getting in any limos with him after a night of drinking.

4. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is one of everybody’s favorite harmless, old school rappers, am I right? The guy coaches little league football after all- who cares if he’s covered by a perpetual haze of smoke. On the other hand, Snoop is also a killer. Maybe. In 1996 the hip-hop superstar was acquitted of multiple murder and manslaughter charges in the shooting death of a presumed bad-ass gang member. Snoop seems like a pretty mild-mannered guy but apparently (allegedly) he may have gotten into a bit of a turf war with the guy who ended up dead. During Snoop’s case there were all kinds of accusations and counter accusations of people on both sides throwing gang signs at each other, verbally sparring, and chasing each other down streets and into parks to continue the conflict. The victim was shot by Snoop’s bodyguard but whether Snoop himself told his guy to do anything, had anything to do with the arguments preceding the shooting, or was really involved, has always been a somewhat murky proposition. For me, “Doggystyle” may just have a different meaning than Snoop originally intended.

5. Caitlyn Jenner

So our friend Caitlyn (nee Bruce), was never charged in the incident that made her a killer but it was still another shocking development in a life that appears to be dedicated to shocking developments. In 2015 Jenner was driving her SUV when she rear-ended another car and sent it flying into oncoming traffic. The other car then hit a Hummer and the driver of the car Caitlyn originally hit died. There were seven other injuries so it sounds like quite the accident. Jenner wasn’t drunk and wasn’t speeding- she claimed she was trying to get away from the press but there’s never been any confirmation of that. She may not have meant to and who knows why Caitlyn Jenner hit the other car but she is, unfortunately, a celebrity killer.


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