5 Dumb Comments President Mahama Made In 2015

mahama on vacation

He is hailed as an expert communicator…

But these utterances of President Mahama in 2015 proved otherwise.

1. Blame mobile phones for dumsor.

The President addressing the Ghanaian community in Gambia where he was on a state visit, said the number of mobile phones in the country supersedes the total population in Ghana hence taking a huge toll on the meager megawatts of power in the country.

“Ghana’s population is 25 million but statistics indicate that mobile phone lines in Ghana is over 27 million and these phones are charged every night and this is one of the causes of the load shedding…,” he said.

2. I have dead goat syndrome.

On an official visit to Botswana, he reportedly told an audience of expatriate Ghanaians:

“I have seen more demonstrations and strikes in my first two years. I don’t think it can get worse. It is said that when you kill a goat and you frighten it with a knife, it doesn’t fear the knife, because it is dead already. I have a dead goat syndrome.”

“Goat” promptly became Mahama’s nickname.

dead goat mahama

3. Smart businesses are not laying off workers.

Speaking at the 2015 National May Day parade held at the Independence Square in Accra, President Mahama said the economy was still creating jobs.


Amid reports that some companies had laid off workers due to the power crisis, the President said smart businesses were not laying off workers, but were rather investing to improve their production capacities.

4. What do you know about presidency to question my competence?

President John Mahama in a clear response to what he calls opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP’s) propaganda to label him “incompetent,” has said they have no right to describe him as such.

“They [NPP} have told all their communicators anytime you mention Mahama or NDC say incompetent. I hear Bawumia and co say incompetent Mahama administration. You never held any responsibility anywhere near presidency before. You do not know what it is like to be President.

I will take that word from Kufuor or Rawlings because they have been there before. All of you guys have never ever come near the presidency and you stand there and say incompetent Mahama administration… What do you know about competence?”


5. Ghana is rising again; nobody begs for iced-water anymore.

“God’s favour was on the country and we were able to overcome all that. Ghana is rising again; today we have the fastest growing middle class in Africa. Nobody goes to the next door to beg for iced water. In every house, everyone has a TV in his room and we have access to water,” he noted.


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