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5 Dishes You Can Make With Plantain Banana in Ivory Coast

Banana trees are native to Southeast Asia. More than 200 varieties of plantain are known around the world. Plantain is cultivable in the tropics. Cultivated between July and August in Ivory Coast, bananas are a popular commodity not Ivorians. Several meals are made from plantain.

1- Aloco
The aloco is a dish much loved by Ivorians. What makes it sold in every street corner. This dish is made with plantain banana fried with palm oil. It can be consumed directly but in general, consumers bring it with fish and / or boiled egg.


2- Foutou
Foutou is a dish much eaten in West Africa particularly in Ivory Coast. In this country, the foutou is very appreciated by the people of the center, the Baoulés. To make foolishness, boil the plantain and pound it so that it becomes mashed potatoes. Crushed cassava is added. It is eaten with different sauces.

3- Foufou
The difference between the foutou and the foufou is the “t”. Also, in the preparation of this dish, there is not much difference. The banana is boiled and then pounded. But this time, we add red oil. The banana turned into puree becomes red and is accompanied by a special sauce.

4- Claclo
The claclo is a type of donut made mainly with banana.

5- Banana Doukounou
Originally, the doukounou is a Togolese dish. It is a steamed dough made from a mixture of fermented maize and cassava starch. In Ivory Coast, we also make this banana-based dish. The crushed banana is prepared inside the leaves in a pot. We consume it directly.


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