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5 Categories Of People Who Never Succeed Professionally 

None of these behaviors alone can prevent you from evolving at work because they can be corrected through emotional intelligence. It is enough to show a little lucidity, and to really want to change.

1- Supporters of the least effort:

Their motto is: “In any case, we always did like that.” If you are stunned with what others think so-called, be careful. No one has ever accomplished extraordinary things by limiting themselves to the status quo.

2- The cowards:

Fear is an extremely powerful engine. At work, those who are overwhelmed by fear have irrational and destructive behaviors. The frightened colleagues do not hesitate to accuse others, to conceal the serious errors they have committed, and they never take the defense of those who are unjustly accused.

3- The Dementors:


In JK Rowling’s books, Dementors are evil creatures that feed on the souls of their victims. As soon as a Dementor enters a room, it becomes dark and icy, and the people there remember their worst memories. The author said that the idea came to him by observing very negative people, who are able to plumb the atmosphere only by their presence. The Dementors impose their negative views and pessimism on all those they meet. With them the glass is always half empty, and the slightest annoyance turns quickly to the drama.

4- The impulsive:

Some people are absolutely unable to control their emotions. They attack you and imagine things, while thinking that you are the cause of their discomfort. They do not do a good job because their emotions prevent them from seeing clearly and their lack of self-control isolates them more and more. Beware of them: when the time comes, you will serve as their outlet.

5. The arrogant:

They make you waste time to the extent that they take whatever you accomplish for a challenge to overcome. The arrogance, which betrays their lack of assurance, is always the sign of enormous complexes. Arrogant personalities generally work less well and are more unpleasant than others. They also have more cognitive impairment.


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