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5 Best Ways To Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym – Expert

Many of us want to get fit yet would prefer not to join an exercise center since it could be excessively costly, or there is presumably no recreation center accessible around them. Some might be more agreeable at home while other people who maybe gym members don’t have spare time to visit the office of course. On the off chance that you are one of these individuals, you could attempt these means at home for an impeccable shape.
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Plan a day out

Instead of always sitting behind your computer or watching television, try and plan some activities with your family or friends. You could go swimming, dancing, bowling or be playing other outdoor games with them. Household chores like sweeping, car washing, scrubbing and mopping are also forms of exercise but it is recommended that you do those in 30 minutes to one-hour intervals.

Avoid sugary and fast foods

After eating fast food or junk food, it is required that you undertake a lot of activities like exercising to burn off those calories. So stay off those foods if you want to avoid the gym totally. Besides, sugary and processed foods do not provide any help to your immune system or muscles. If you really feel for sugar, doctors recommend eating a piece of fruit. Fruits contain naturally occurring sugar, sometimes in large amounts, has said. But they do also contain fibre, which can help regulate your digestive system.


Cut down the number of carbs you eat too. This will help reduce your appetite and cause automatic weight loss, without the need to count calories, advises.

Essentially, try eating 50 percent lean protein and whole grains, and let the rest of your diet be raw or lightly cooked vegetables. And most importantly, concentrate on your food as you eat it, instead of eating while watching TV.

Never sit longer than 30 minutes at a time

Sitting at a desk in the office puts you at risk of chronic back pain, health experts have said. Therefore, learn to stand for some time after every 30 minutes. This would, of course, help you to burn some calories and improve your posture. Walking around too will enable you to stretch your muscles. Many have also recommended the frequent movement of the arms and legs, the neck and the wrists and even the rolling of your eyes to boost your metabolism. While talking on the phone, reading or watching television, try and move your arms and legs as well.

Walk, and walk faster

If you are not willing to have your own workout programme as the one mentioned above, then the simplest thing to do is to walk often. You should walk faster to help you burn more calories. You could also ride a bike instead. If you have a car, consider parking it for a while, especially when going to short destinations. This option can even help release stress and give you more Vitamin D from the sunlight you would be exposed to.

Design your own workout at home

It does not take much money or effort to design your own workout programme. Fitness experts have often recommended the use of dumbbells, push-ups, fit balls, and other things for your muscles. You could also surf the internet and look out for fitness magazines and videos to be abreast of new workouts you could also practice. And as you do this, schedule your workouts and use a journal to track your progress.


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