5 Best Colleges For African American Students!

Choosing a school in college is one of the most important decisions an African American student should make. Before selecting a school, one must consider several factors.

A school’s graduating percentage rate is, in fact, one of the indicators on how successful the college is in producing its graduates. The average African American student finishes college at a rate of 40.8% in six years. It is important to study and compare the graduation percentage between different colleges.

Another very important factor is the affordability of the school. This includes the net prices and financial aid offered by the university.

You should consider the full price of the school fee, institutional aid, inflation rate, and how many years the student will be in school. Scholarships and financial aids will help lower the amount of a student’s tuition fee.

The school’s racial diversity also plays a significant role in an African American student’s daily campus life. In general, African Americans usually make up around 5% of the entire student body.

Here are some of the best schools that are more suitable for the African American student.

  • Princeton University – This school is known for producing high-achievers including first lady Michelle Obama. The university also offers generous financial aids.

Princeton has an average of 6% African American students in its campus and has a graduation rate of 93% from its black students.

  • Harvard University – This Ivy League school provides high-quality education, world-class professors, and generous financial aid to its students. The student body comprises of 5% African Americans with a graduation rate of 96%.
  • Duke University – This university is considered as one of the most diverse schools in the US. In fact, the percentage of African American students in Duke averages around 7%, which means the population of black people is bigger compared to other universities.

However, it is more difficult to get into this school and usually accepts around 12% of its applicants. The average graduation rate of black students in Duke is at 92%.

  • University of Pennsylvania – This Philadelphia Ivy League school is recognized for its excellent business program. They offer grants that cover the tuition, boarding, and room. This university has a black student population of 6% while the graduation percentage has an average of 94%.
  • Yale University – Yale also offers a generous financial aid for students. They provide world-class education and professors for their students. The African American student population in Yale averages at 5% with a graduation rate of 92%.

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