5 bad habits that can destroy your relationship

Every relationship comes with its own share of issues, so yours can only be as perfect as you want it to be.Often times your past relationships never worked out because you had a mindset that it would never have withstood the test of time, and always refer back to your thought when ever a problem arises.

You ought to figure yourself out and know who and what you want before starting a new relationship.

Keeping these bad habits can ruin any relationship you have:

 1. Playing games:

It doesn’t mean cheating. It means you prove too hard to crack, not opening up on current situations to your partner especially when you are hurt and angry. People’s feelings change over time with these kind of bad attitude being shown towards them. Work out your issues by communicating effectively.
2. Always thinking your relationship would never last:

With this kind of mindset, you’ll always feel justified when problems come in between you and your partner. You feel they can’t be solved and do the quickest thing – call the relationship off.


3. Settling for less:

You can only get as much as you deserve. If you feel you deserve someone who doesn’t even measure up or even comes to your relationship strength, then you and that partner of yours are getting to a dead-end soon.

4. Jealousy:

Don’t date them if you can’t trust them. Jealousy is an extra baggage you don’t need in your relationship.

 5. The thought that love will always be enough:

Love is a prerequisite in any relationship but unfortunately, it doesn’t cover all.  Qualities like trust and commitment are embedded in love which means that you need a whole lot more than liking someone to keep your relationship going.

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