5 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Google Search Could Do

Google is the most popular and widely used search engine in the world. It is now used as a verb. If you are searching for anything just Google it.  Presently, there are plethora of things that this famous search engine can do for you which you may probably not be aware of. So, to optimally take advantage of  this  search engine, innovation village identify five interesting services that Google search offers.

1. OK Google 

Nearly all PCs have an in-built microphone. As an innovative company, Google evolved a creative way to use your computer microphone which is to search by speaking rather than typing whatever you want to search. This is quite an interesting feature because many people prefer to type out the keywords.

2. Do comparison 

If you are very religious when it comes to what you put in your stomach, then you should use Google to compare foods by simply asking questions like-how much calories is contained in starch. You can also use Rice vs beans. You will be amazed at the result. It seems like magic.


3. Translator

Google has made it possible to translate a page into your choice language within minutes depending on your internet connection. You do not need to understand Afrikaans  before you can visit the page. Google will translate it for you. In fact, you can now search Google in so many indigenous languages.

4. Get Definitions 

You do not need to scavenge for a dictionary anymore because you can easily Google the meaning of any vocabulary. You are not only offered the most appropriate meaning, but there is the synonym, antonym and sentence usage for the word. Just type meaning of conspicuous. Even before you finish typing, there will be suggestions for you.

5. Find Soccer Schedules

If you are a soccer freak, you do not need to ask around for the next date your team is playing. If you support a premier league team like Liverpool, just search for Liverpool fixtures 2015/2016 season and all their fixtures will be reeled out to you. Isn’t this cool?


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