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5 African-American Celebrities Who Took Their Lives

People from the Black community have always been a victim of disturbed mental health and this is the reason why many African-American celebrities have committed suicide. This problem in many people remains undiagnosed and the rate of this issue is quite higher with Black people. It is the stress that is the mean reason of disturbed mental issues and this stress is due to unsuccessful professional life or problematic personal life. Our Black celebrities have also been a victim of this health care negligence and because of this many have taken their lives.

To improve your knowledge, we have listed 5 of the Black celebrities who have committed suicide to end their lives. Let us see who they are and why did they commit such a sad attempt:

  1. Karyn Washington:

One of the best motivational speakers, the founder of “The #DarkSkinRedLipProject” and the owner of the blog “For Brown Girls”, Karyn Washington committed suicide when she was only 22. She took her life on April 8, 2014. Washington was fighting with depression which was due to her mother’s death that happened a year earlier.


  1. Lee Thompson Young:

A rising actor, Lee Thompson Young took his life at the age of 29 with a self-inflicted gunshot. This happened in August 2013 and there was no evident reason or suicide note related to this attempt. Sadly no motive was found regarding his death but doctors later reported that he was suffering from bipolar disorder.


  1. Don Cornelius:

Creator and host of the famous and hit TV show “Soul Train”, Don Cornelius dealt with the mental health issue for quite many years. He became a mental patient with frequent seizures and finally took his life in February 2012 when he was 75 years-old.



  1. Freddie E:

Freddie E, a Seattle rapper, took his life with a gunshot in January 2013 after posting his intentions to his fans on the Tweeter. He was a serious victim of loneliness and committed suicide because of a failed relationship with his girlfriend.


  1. Shakir Stewart:

In 2008, Executive Vice President of Def Jam Records, Shakir Stewart committed suicide when he was in his Atlanta home. He was just 34, too young to take his life with his own hands. The reason for his suicide is still unknown but his friends stated that he was behaving differently and strangely just a few days before his death.


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