48-Year-Old SA Man Accused Of Sexually Molesting His Friend’s Three Daughters


A 48-year-old man accused of sexually molesting three girls made his first appearance in the Mitchells Plain Court, Cape Town, South Africa on Thursday morning, October 21.


Nazeem Africa is accused of molesting three sisters aged 15, 11 and six years old; all daughters of his frend.

Africa was said to have masturbated on the 11-year-old girl and also touched the oldest girl’s breasts.


Speaking to Daily Voice, the father of the victims said that last week, the suspect went to fetch the youngest from school as he usually did and then gave her a bath.



48-year-old man accused to sexually molesting his friend


“According to my daughter he went to the bathroom with her and bathed her and put lotion on her and then kissed her on the vagina,” said the father of the victims.


“When the eldest daughter arrived home, she saw that her sister was crying hysterically but at the time she was alone. The six-year-old shared what happened and when the suspect came back home, the 15-year-old asked why he did that to her baby sister and he denied it and said he swore on the Qur’an he never did that.”


The 47-year-old father said the man ran away from the home they shared.


“I guess he was running away from the confrontation because we trusted him with our daughters,” he said.


“And my daughters also trusted him, and he had the audacity to masturbate on my 11-year-old and also touch my eldest daughter’s breasts.”


The heartbroken dad saw Africa for the first time since the revelation on Thursday, adding that the suspect cried in front of the magistrate.


“The magistrate asked him if he wanted to apply for bail, he said no as he was crying. The magistrate told him even if he wanted bail, it would have been denied because this is a serious offence,”


He has too many charges, sexual assault and rape.


“The investigating officer informed me that the fact that he put his fingers in my daughter’s private parts, it means rape.”


The case was postponed to 3 December.



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