40 Years On, Reggae Singer Bob Marley Still Lives On


A distinctive voice and a unique sound. Forty years on, the legacy of reggae musician Bob Marley is still alive.

Even if reggae music does not float your boat, the lyrics of Jamaica’s Bob Marley’s music is loved the world over.

The depth of his songs continue to resonate with reggae music lovers, music art enthusiasts.


He died just 8 months after his last concert in Pittsburgh.

The 40th anniversary of the passing of this legend also marks the first time that three founding members of the Wailers, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer are reunited in the afterlife.

“That what us Rastafarians we use as our motto: peace, love and harmony. Every human needs peace. That’s why human rights is there. Ghana, we believe in peace, love and harmony”, Kwaku, a rastafarian said.

In the past, some have talked of being influenced and inspired by the works of the singer.

Before his death, Bob Marley was looking to further expand his audience outside of Jamaica.

According to American archivist, Roger Steffens,”the biggest disappointment of Marly’s life was his inability to appeal to African-American audiences”. He added the late singer would succeed, but after his death.


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