4 Ways to know when He’s ready to commit

1. He wants to meet your parents:

If he doesn’t panic at the mere mention of meeting your parents and actually embraces the idea or better yet, suggests it himself he might be ready to commit.
Guys often get cold feet about meeting the parents, so any guy who isn’t fazed by the idea is presumably ready to take your twosome to the next level.

2. He talks about the future:

Does he talk about trips you two should take? Items you should purchase together? If he talks about future plans that involve you, chances are he’s in it for the long haul. A more casual-minded guy will tend not to  think about the relationship beyond how to spend Friday night, so if your guy is making plans that incorporate the relationship, he feels secure and happy enough in it to move things forward.


3. He puts your needs first:

Even the most selfish guy can learn to become more caring when he meets the right person. If your man sets his own needs aside to help you out with something or support you through a tough situation, he’s shifting his focus away from himself and more toward you. If he just senses when he’s needed without your prompts, he’s probably ready to move the relationship forward.

4. He doesn’t mind the mundane:

Once the lust phase is over and every date isn’t spent tangled in the sheets, some guys (not ideal relationship material) get bored and move on. But if your guy is just as happy watching a movie on a Saturday night or cooking dinner together as he is when you’re enjoying some quality time in the bedroom, he’s got more on the brain
than just sex.


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