4 Ways To Avoid Being Friend-zoned By A Guy

If you’re reading through this intently, there’s a big chance you’re currently been friend-zoned by a guy you’d preferably date.

Friend-zone occurs when there is a miscommunication of emotions and intentions between two people in a relationship. This usually results in a mismatch in romantic feelings where one person wants a romantic commitment with the other, while the other only wants simple platonic friendship.

If you’ve ever been stuck in the friend-zone, you’ll admit it sucks. Having to conceal your intense emotions, or worse, have them dashed when your romantic interest blurts out they “only want to be friends”, is a painful experience.

The best advice is to avoid being stuck in the friend-zone. Although, being friend-zoned isn’t the end of the world, sister.

Some of the guaranteed ways to leave this humiliating friendship “zone”, include:

Find a guy who’s your match

Recall that friend zone is simply a mismatch of emotions. It only makes sense to go for a guy who is a good match for you. This means entering a relationship with a guy who is romantically attracted to you as you are to him.

Avoid assuming just any guy is “into” you. Affirm with the romantic interest that you two share similar attractiveness to each other. It’d help to know what you’re looking for in a potential boyfriend so that should you begin dating, you may be aware if a guy meets, surpasses, or isn’t up to your standards.

Sometimes, friend-zone occurs because you’re trying way too hard to be with someone who is way above your league. Do not be deceived, social status, education, and experiences often play vital roles in matching individuals than we’d like to let on.


Make yourself a “scarce commodity”

No, you’re not a commodity. The idea is simply the theory of supply and demand: higher demand would lead to increased supply. Think of yourself as the supply and him as demand.

By making yourself i.e. supply scare, demand for you would be higher and consequently, your value will shoot up. Maybe Taylor Swift was right after all, maybe guys do like “love when its torture”.

By making yourself scarce, you’re making it tougher for a tough guy to gain access to you. Reduce the time spent with him drastically. Sign up for new activities, take up new hobbies, do anything but spend more time with a romantic interest.

It’ll only be a matter of time before he comes chasing. Plot twist, if he doesn’t come chasing, change your course of actions to abort your romantic venture as he may truly not be interested. Sorry, sis! Love knocked you down.

Shoot your shot

It’s 2019 and everyone is moving quickly. Times have changed and women are encouraged to share their feelings more. If you’re feeling bold, try shooting your shot by telling him how you really feel.

Ask him out on a date. Start off casually and build things up until you pour your heart out, *cue romantic background music*

Prepare your mind too for the possibilities: he may be amused, laugh your confession off, confess his love for you, kiss you, walk out on you, runoff, reel hysterically with laughter, cry, say something stupid, chastise you —  the possibilities are endless.

By weighing in the possible options, you prepare your mind for both the best and worst.

If he accepts your love, great! If he doesn’t, raise your head high and move on with life.

Sky-rocket your attractiveness

I know this sounds vain. Especially if your love interest has confided how he’s into “au naturel, simple, girls” *rolls eyes*

Attractiveness is a core factor in initial romantic relationships. Take notes of areas you’re lacking in attractiveness and improve on them. Body language, shape, speech, grooming, are just a few major mediums to improve how attractive you are.

Trust that having done these, your romantic interest could potentially be “bae”.


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