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4 Vital Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Donald Trump

If I don’t win, I’ll consider this a total and complete waste of time” — Donald Trump.

Whether you love him or hate him, the US republican candidate and billionaire sometimes says very powerful things.

And the above quote is a very good example. It sums up how every entrepreneur should think.

So what else does Trump have to teach us? Here are four lessons every entrepreneur can learn from the controversial billionaire and his run for president of the most powerful country on the planet:

  • Winning is everything – there are no trophies for participation: The younger generation of today are being led to believe that participation alone is enough – bollocks. That is the farthest thing from reality. Trump never sets out to be anything but the top dog in anything he involves himself in. That is the kind of attitude every entrepreneur should adopt.

  • Your product/service will not appeal to everyone: Trumps knows that he doesn’t appeal to everyone, and he never will. The same could be said for any product/service. There will always be supporters and opponents. Take the iPhone, for example. There are those who absolutely love the device, and there are those who will stop at nothing to convince you how superior Android devices are. SO what does Apple do? It focuses on providing the best possible product for its supporters, and maybe pick up some new supporters while at it.  Identify the market and audience you appeal and focus on providing them with the best possible product/service.

  • Confidence is king: Trump is probably one of the most confident people you will ever come across. He truly believes he will succeed and win the US presidential election – believing in yourself is very powerful. Mastering the mental aspect of entrepreneurship will benefit you tremendously, so the sooner you start overflowing with confidence, the better.

  • Establish your brand early in the game: Trump made his message very clear from the onset. You may have come across those “Make America Great Again” hats on social media – they played a vital role in establishing his brand right out of the gate. That branding leads to things like this picture below.

In like manner, you must have a solid branding strategy at the start if you want to gain traction and establish yourself as a major player in your industry. Identify a strategy prior to launching your product/service so you can hit the ground running.



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