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4 Shocking Remedies For Hair Loss That Will wow You

She Poured a Bottle of Beer on Her Hair Every Other Day…

Every person wants a beautiful hair, especially those who suffer from hair loss. Therefore, we have several advices on how to fight this problem.

  1. Hot wax

Melt a candle in hot water and use this water to wash off your hair.

Hot Wax

  1. A mixture from red onion and garlic

Rub this mixture onto your head. With its antibacterial properties they are able to heal the hair and stimulate its proper growth.

Red onion and garlic

  1. Peanut butter

Thanks to the proteins in the oil, found in the peanut butter, the hairs and the follicle will strengthen.

Peanut butter for hair loss

  1. Beer

Beer can also be good for the scalp. Beer should be applied onto the hair after shampoo.

Beer for hair loss


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