4 Places Women Secretly Scan For Potential Boyfriends

The difference between men and women are as much as the similarities. Men can look for women in any place and at anytime while women tend to show more discretion while searching for men. What you have to do as a man is to try and decipher her subtle stares. It is estimated that in about 70 percent of cases, women (usually unconsciously) are the ones that make the first move by sending out non verbal signs communicated through deep stares and sensual looks.

Check out these four places you can get women secretly scanning for potential mates, of which you just may be one.

Office Environment

office romance2
Women scan for men here for several reasons. One of them is that they can hardly resist the aura of a man dressed in a bespoke suit or nice shirts and trousers. Asides this, women can deduce how a man lives his life from his coordination in the office. Some of the subtle signs she’s on the lookout for include if you’re the office gossip, if you’re a perennial latecomer or if you’re always willing to lend a helping hand.
You can determine if she’s into you by catching her constantly looking at you while you’re looking away. She may also be checking up on you in your workplace more than normal.

The Beach


Women are always on the lookout at the beach because that’s where they can easily analyse different men as they sit and unwind while they are stripped to their midriff. If you do catch a girl staring at you, she’s likely picturing in her mind what it would be like for the two of you to have fun together. You can determine which one is into you by scanning the different faces for primping and piercing gazes. If you find one staring at you who goes for her makeup purse and starts applying lipgloss, it’s a sign that one is attracted to you. Get your flows on and make a move.

Bar And Lounges

She will probably tell you she’s at the lounge to hang out with her friends but the truth is her eyes are scanning the whole of the environment for eligible men. Get your approach right and tell her your name straight up. Tell her you’re at the bar to celebrate after a successful day at work and you’d probably get good points for being a prospect. You should also take note of any woman that walks past you as much as those that glance at you as they may be trying to gain your attention.

The Church


This is one of the quickest places to meet a woman scanning for potential partners. A lot of women would be in church looking up to God to get the right kind of man while also keeping an eye out for the man. It’s also a good place for women because all men would be at their best behaviour added to the fact that quite a lot of women report wanting a God-fearing man. If you fall in this category, you’d instantly appeal to such women. Never ignore any eye contact she tries to put up. Simply look down and look up again while smiling at her. This would make her ease into a conversation with you.


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