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4 Magical Ways To Embellish Your Wedding According To Ghana’s Ex-president Kufuor

Former Ghanaian President John Kufuor shared some important tips on how to save your marriage despite the pain and disappointments that often brings.

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In fact, most marriages continue to suffer many setbacks, especially when it comes to an atypical partner. But having survived 55 years of marriage throughout his political life, Kufuor has specific advice on how a marriage can survive.


1. Respect for the partner

According to John Kufuor, mutual respect in a marriage is all he needs to survive. This means that each partner must respect the space of the other and make sure that both parties respect the decisions of the other. This could be a very useful trick in weddings where one partner virtually controls the other.

2. Try to be sincere

Sincerity is a virtue missing from most marriages. Most of the partners are simply not sincere to each other and this is what the former Ghanaian president thinks must be stopped.

3. Be tolerant

John Kufuor says that being tolerant in a marriage or relationship is very important for survival. According to him, we all have our differences, but tolerance is what keeps us together in every relationship. What this means is that you accept your partner for who he is.

4. Feelings for each other

The feelings for the other is when sympathy and communion based on shared experiences or feelings exist between partners in a relationship or marriage. According to John Kufuor, this tool is the greatest asset in every relationship because it gives a lot of room for compromise and usability.


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