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4 Ivorian Referees Suspended by CAF for Corruption

Ivorian football has been going through dark days for 7 months. While the FIF and club leaders are still with a knife pulled, the future of arbitration in Côte d’Ivoire has just been sealed by a decision of the CAF.

Dembélé Denis, referee, takes 6 years suspension of any activity related to football CAF. With him, Coulibaly Abou, referee, Tan Marius Donatien, assistant referee, Gouho Bi Valère, assistant referee, receive the three-year suspension of all CAF football-related activities. Ivory Coast is thus deprived of its best men in black for several months by the African Football Confederation. A real blow for the Ivorian arbitration and football in general. The mis en cause constituting the cream of Ivorian arbitration.

What does the CAF blame Ivorian referees for?

The Caf blames Dembélé Denis and three other Ivorian referees for proven corruption on the eve of an African Cup match in Ghana.


It all started with a film released by a Ghanaian journalist. In the video, the Ivorian referees are seen, face uncovered, receiving 500 dollar envelopes from a Ghanaian official, on the eve of an African Cup of Clubs game. The head of the line, Dembélé Denis, the one by whom everything happened, denied allegations of corruption at the outbreak of the case. he initially claimed that he had never received the Ghanaian delegation until he later acknowledged that he received the money but later returned it. Unfortunately for him and his friends, in no sequence of the video, we do not see them return the money they had received.

The big loser? Ivorian football! A football that is in turmoil. The storm that blows is such that even the captain of the boat struggles like a handsome devil, in the hands of some passengers aboard yet of the ship.



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