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4 Female African Stars Before and During Their Maternity

Pregnancy is definitely a happy event. However, it also comes with its lot of hormones that upset a lifetime. Between stress, laughter, tears and strong emotions, pregnancy is a turning point that will definitely change you. Here are the images of 4 African stars during their pregnancy.

1- Bamba Friend Sarah 

The maternity of our former thunder star and current diva of the offbeat coupe has made her gain weight. She is now the mother of a beautiful little girl.

2- Tontoh Dikeh 

The gorgeous 33-year-old nollywood star has undergone a change of appearance. She is the mother of a little boy.

3- Yvonne Nelson 

The beautiful Ghanaian actress with long and beautiful legs has also gained weight. She is the mother of a beautiful girl.

4- Tiwatopena Savage (Tiwa Savage)

The beautiful Nigerian artist figure of the 38-year-old Afrobeat also had her pregnancy mask. She is a mom of a boy.

So how do you find them? Have they kept their appearance or have they changed? Share also your before and after baby!


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