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4 Contact-Lens Habits Women Need to Quit Today

Contacts have gone from eye wear accessory no-one really cared about to a full-blown beauty trend everyone wants to try – Selena Gomez may or may not be behind their new found hype.

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For those who are thinking about trying out contact lenses this holiday, below are four habits you should never ever follow no matter what people tell you. And to any of our readers who are frequent contact-lens wearers, admit it – you’re guilty of doing at least one of these things…

1 Inserting your contacts before applying your makeup

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So guilty! But we really need to stop doing this. Why? Makeup can easily come in contact with your lenses – nothing’s worse than having a smudge of mascara or eye-shadow particles lodged underneath the edge of your contacts. And on top of that, it’s really hard to clean off. I’ve accidentally ripped my contacts while trying to do so – money down the drain!



2 Using saliva or tap water to clean your lenses

You won’t believe how many people actually do this. What most don’t realise is that saliva and water can cause the material of your lenses to go out of shape and ‘stick to the eye‘. This can result in scratches around the cornea and eventually eye irritations. Tap water and saliva are also not entirely ‘clean’ so they aren’t proper or thorough disinfectants. Use these to clean your contact lenses and you might end up with an unwanted infection.

3 Reusing contact solution from the day before

Once again, please don’t. Ever inserted your contacts and your eyes started burning, and your vision wasn’t as clear as it usually is? These are signs that come with soaking your contacts in old solution. Old solution won’t disinfect your contacts and thoroughly remove any bacteria that may cause harm to your eyes.

4 Wearing a torn contact lens

Don’t take the risk. Torn contacts are not only super-uncomfortable to wear but they’ll also scratch the surface of your cornea and later on kick-start eye infections.


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