4 Common Marriage Problems and Their Solutions

Sometimes common marriage problems surface in the first few years of married life. Every couple has marriage problems, and some are bigger than others. Many people fear upsetting their new husband or wife and remain silent about things that are bothering them. Remaining mute on the big issues – from having a baby to money – is a big mistake that could ruin your marriage in the long run. If you want to make your marriage strong and enduring, you must communicate with one another from the start about marriage problems.

Here is a list of some of the major marriage problems that couples face and help on how to deal with these marriage problems –

Money Problems

One of the issues about which couples fight most is money. The root of the problem is usually a difference in your views of money. One of you is a spender and the other is a saver. In other words, you have diverging ideas about how to use the money you share.

Money Problems Solution – The first step is learning how to discuss money with one another. It’s a touchy subject that can lead to great emotion and cause intense arguments. Without some information on how to properly communicate about money, your problems could grow bigger.Based on your discussions, determine whether you should have a joint banking account or keep separate accounts. Also, consider a post-nuptial agreement. Some people find these kinds of documents offensive, but all they do is spell out how the finances in your marriage will work. A little clarity always helps couples.

Sex Problems

Another big issue that faces some couples is sex problems. Again, differences – as in different levels of interest in sex or different libidos – are usually at the core of the problems.

One person wants more or less sex than the other. Or one person is more sexually adventurous than the other. Or one person is enjoying the sex and the other is not.

Sex Problems Solution – As with everything else, resolving your sex problems starts with communication. Discuss what’s bothering you and try to come up with compromises that will satisfy both of you. Maybe you’ll agree to have sex more frequently if your husband agrees to help you get more excited with more foreplay. You’ll both agree to make married sex more exciting and pleasurable. If you still can’t get in sync with one another, you might consider seeing a sex therapist.


If you are having physical problems – health issues, erectile dysfunction, etc. – you should go see a medical doctor.

In-Law Problems

When you married your husband or wife, you married his or her family, too. While there is a big difference between the relationship you share with your spouse and the one you have with his or her family, you still have to make both work. The relationship spouses have with their in-laws, however, isn’t always easy. We’ve all heard the jokes about the pushy mother-in-law, and far too many people have their own horror stories, which usually begin during the wedding planning, about the in-laws.

In-Law Problems Solution – Communication with your spouse comes in handy when dealing with the in-laws, too. Tell him or her what’s bothering you about the in-laws. Choose your words carefully and plan what you’re going to say beforehand because you can easily offend your spouse when communicating about his or her family. Put your best foot forward with your new family. Choose your battles with them wisely. Then, stand your ground and be firm without being mean or disrespectful.

Household Problems

Determining who does what around the house has become a bigger issue for couples now that more men and women both work outside the home. Sharing the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and paying the bills can mean more arguments in the beginning stages of a marriage simply because each person doesn’t yet know his or her role and obligation. Often, the workload ends up falling mostly on one person’s shoulders. This causes resentment.

Household Problems Solution – Each person has to carry his or her weight, and traditional ideas about who is supposed to do what must be forgotten. The modern era calls for equality, and you have to determine how to evenly distribute the chores in your marriage. Making a schedule and assigning chores to one another in a way that is fair and satisfactory to both of you is a great way to resolve problems about chores.


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