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4 Black Women U.S. Mayors Everyone Should Know  

Black Women are arguably the most marginalized group in America. This statement very true in politics. However, dozens of Black Women have infiltrated America’s bias political system. A brief bio of five U.S. Black Women Mayors is below. Enjoy.

1.) Tyrus Bird

Before being elected as Mayor of Parma, Missouri Parma was an unknown name. Bird had previous experience as City Clerk. When Bird was elected 2/3 of the police force resigned. This reduced the force from six to one. In addition, several city workers in other departments resigned. Bird did not make a public statement about how she feels about the situation. Instead, she notified media, that she was searching for the alleged resignation letters from the former city workers.

2.) Jacquelle Peters


Jacquell Peters was born in New Orleans. Peters gained her B.A. from Northern Michigan University and her J.D. from Southern Law Center. She is an experienced public defender. Peters is the owner of an indoor cycling studio. She became mayor in December 2015.

3.) Acquetta Warren

Acquetta Warren made history as Fontana’s first African-American and woman mayor in December 2010. Warren earned her Bachelor’s degree from Occidental College with a joint degree in political science and urban studies. Warren wants everyone to know that Fontana is “Open for business.” Warren’s leadership position includes being a Co-Chairperson of Fontana’s General Plan Advisory Committee and the Chairperson of the Citizen Village of Heritage Development Landscape Committee.

4.) Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Rawling was born in Baltimore. She went on to gain her Bachelor’s from Oberlin College majoring in Political Science.


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