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34-Year-Old Diarata N’Diaye Invents a Bracelet with Alarm in Case of Feminine Violence

Here is a new method that will undoubtedly contribute to the fight against violence against women. Diarata N’Diaye, a 34-year-old artist, has just invented a bracelet that will now be able to give an alert for cases of violence against women.

It is an electronic bracelet whose device allows to inform, to get help from nearby structures, and to alert his relatives in case of emergency through a sound recording and a GPS location. The piece of metal is similar to a colorful silicone bracelet that is worn to count his steps.

Une femme invente un bracelet d'alerte en cas de violence féminine

The bracelet is connected to an app on a smartphone. It allows its user to trigger an alert in real time in case of aggression in any discretion. Convinced of the merits of this unique creation in the world, the Pays de la Loire Region has financed 30,000 euros for the purchase of 2,000 bracelets that will be made available to the specialized associations of its five departments.


” Just press a small button on the bracelet. The alert then allows three contacts, previously defined, to hear live what happens. They also receive the real-time GPS route, which will allow them to immediately alert rescue personnel with accurate information. She detailed.

Subsequently, the recording is saved for one week. It can constitute proof and help women to go as far as filing a complaint. This bracelet is especially useful for “women who live with their abusive spouse and for whom it takes the maximum discretion,” Judge Diarata N’Diaye.

App-elle is an innovation that has convinced many women. Launched two years ago in a first version, the app App-elle is available for free on Android. It has already been downloaded 5,600 times, and averages 800 uses per month.


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