An Open Letter To Africans: Let’s Change The Image Of Africa

I have complained about how main stream media refers to Africa as a country. She’s complained about it too. And she is not the only one.

I have thought of doing a video myself. But, I have decided to do something different. Since I have discussed before, about how the people causing your problems don’t want to solve them for you;

I thought I should practise what I preach.

Here’s the thing, there are many reasons why Africa is painted as a country with very poor people (who can’t survive without donations). Whatever reasons they do it; we have the power to change our story.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie makes a very excellent point. One story has been told about Africa. But it’s time for that to change.

This is an open letter to every African. Tired of your continent being called a country? Are you tired of explaining to people, that there is no African language? Do you get sick when asked stupid questions about pet elephants? Or anything ridiculous equivalent?

There is over a billion of us. Each of us has a story. And am sure most don’t involve asking for donations to make ends meet. At least not if you are reading this article. What is your story?

If we are tired of the stereotypes, then we must join hands to changing our image. Let us share our ordinary stories, our memories, with friends and family. Share your photos, post as much information about yourself for anybody who cares to research.


Next time you talk to someone, tell them the name of your country. Not just your continent.

A friend of mine told me once, “I just end up saying Africa because people don’t know my country.”

That is a wrong attitude. They don’t get tired of telling us about their countries and culture. The rest of the world has millions of documents, memoirs, textbooks, blogs, documentary films, personal journals. Where they recorded their lives and cultural changes throughout history. It’s time Africans started doing the same.

We have hated the way they portray us, but part of that is because we have done nothing to portray ourselves. Yeah, some twenty years back maybe it was harder for us to do so. But now we can. The internet is more accessible, at ‘affordable’ prices.

This one is to #changingtheimageofAfrica. Be part of it, write your own story. Let’s flood literature (and other media of course) with stories told by Africans.





Written by PH


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  1. The image of Africa will change only when Africans build their economies and stop BEGGING for assistance from the the north.

  2. Until Africans turn their eyes from the other continents, there will be no change at all. Could imagine how Beyonce look great in Ankara when African ladies prefer lege and open breast, open buttocks, and the like. Backing a baby with rapper is a miracle to the Britian. Amish people of America in world today has no record of cancer because they don’t eat junk food. A great lesson to learn!

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