30 Startups Finalists Shortlisted For DEMO Africa 2018

DEMO Africa has announced the thirty startup finalists for the 2018 edition of the annual conference. The startups were selected following a few months of innovation roadshows, city tours and virtual adjudication across different countries in the continent.

All roads will now lead to Casablanca in October as the finalists present their technologies to the world at the 7th edition of DEMO Africa. The selected startups represent Africa’s current generation of innovators and problem solvers and are poised to showcase the best of African ingenuity through technology, entrepreneurship, and social impact.

‘’Over the last six years, DEMO Africa has launched startups that are solving some of the most pressing problems on the continent and offering some of the most unique, commercially viable solutions”— Harry Hare, Harry Hare is the Executive Producer and founder of DEMO Africa said.

The thirty startup finalists will participate in a six-week virtual boot camp in preparation for stakeholder engagements at the main event. They will also take part in  a two-day physical boot camp as a preamble to the DEMO Africa 2018 showcase.

Five finalists will then be selected from the pitching startups to participate in the 2019 edition of the [email protected] Innovation Tour in Silicon Valley. These DEMO Ambassadors will be the startups that show the highest potential for scaling across Pan-African and international markets, with a mature understanding of their product-market fit, a great team, and a defensible and commercially viable technology.

Below is the list of the finalists.

  • Accounteer (Nigeria) – Accounteer is a cloud-based accounting platform that allows SMEs to create invoices, track expenses and receive online payments.

  • ADN Corp (Senegal) – ADN is building applications to help African companies to improve their sales, marketing, and finance operations with decision support analytics systems.

  • Atlan Space (Morocco) – Atlan Space is an Artificial Intelligence-based drone technology that tracks illegal fishing in African waters.

  • Brayfoil Technologies (South Africa) – Brayfoil is a patented wing design that is a first in aerodynamic engineering. The technology allows planes to take off in a shorter distance, fly further and faster on less fuel and improves safety by a massive margin.

  • Casky (Morocco) – Casky is the world’s first BlockChain based, Artificial Intelligence platform that offers users a chance to earn an appreciative asset/income by driving safely via a rewards-based system.

  • Chefaa Medicine Delivery (Egypt) – Chefaa Medicine Delivery is a mobile medical application that allows users to order, refill and receive prescriptions seamlessly.

  • CLoud9XP (Kenya) – is a web and mobile platform where experience providers list their leisure experiences for exposure and manage bookings across travel categories and styles.

  • Complete Farmer (Ghana) – An application that provides remarkable and innovative agribusiness solutions that enhance productivity, increase profitability and amplify competitive advantages across the agricultural value chain.

  • Dabchy (Tunisia) – Dabchy is a fashion e-commerce marketplace for the Arab world.

  • Devless (Ghana) – Devless is a simplified data repository for DevOps environments.

  • Hawkar (Tunisia) – Hawkar is a smart electric car for physically handicapped persons.

  • Zuoix (Cameroon) – ZOOMED (Zuoix Object Oriented Motor Electronic Device) is an SMS based car security system that does not require any form of internet connectivity to locate, immobilize and geofence cars.

  • Kourtim (Morocco) – Kourtim is a logistics management system that provides real-time monitoring to all the stages of road freight transport.

  • Lula (South Africa) – Lula is a Mobility-as-a-Service platform that connects stakeholders across cities, municipalities, and countries.

  • Maurice Communications (Cote D’Ivoire) – A wearable technology company that provides health-tech solutions targeted towards emergency response, data collection and information dissemination for medical and emergency personnel.

  • Moldiag (Morocco) – Moldiag is an R&D spin-off of the leading research lab that is focused on superior medical diagnostics.

  • Niotek (Egypt) – Niotek is an Artifical Intelligence platform that enables implementation of Smart Factories, Smart Products, and Smart Services.

  • Qualitrace (Ghana) – QualiTrace provides trace-ability and anti-counterfeiting solutions to the prevalence of fake products on the market.

  • Redbird (Ghana) – Redbird partners with local pharmacies to provide rapid test technology for chronic and acute conditions, enabling them to expand their business, and giving patients a convenient way to monitor their health, wherever they are.

  • Regenize (South Africa) – Regenize is a recycling collections company which rewards people for recycling and also educates them about the benefits of recycling.

  • Smarth (Algeria) – Smarth provides innovative analytical and predictive solutions for any problem involving massive amounts of data.

  • Sote (Kenya) – Sote is an information logistics platform built to integrate an array of logistics services across the continent to form a single supply web.

  • Tempest Gold (Botswana) – The Tempest Gold app allows users to search for properties, connect directly with the buyer/seller and eliminate the middleman.

  • Termii (Nigeria) – Termii helps businesses stay profitable by driving customer loyalty across multiple marketing channels.

  • Toufoula (Tunisia) – Toufoula Kids is a multi-language Ludo-educational platform offered in Arabic, French, and English for young children. The mobile app is linked to a smart printed magazine by Augmented Reality with the aim of reducing children’s addiction to screens.

  • Travelbudds (France) – Travelbudds is the social network for young, mobile, connected, travellers looking for the most authentic ways to discover the world and share their experiences.

  • VertoFX (London) – Verto is a decentralized, business to business currency liquidity provider and price discovery marketplace.

  • Voxera (Egypt) – VoxEra is a revolutionary device that provides travelers with a mobile roaming service that is similar to telecoms but at much lower prices.

  • WeflyAgri (Cote D’Ivoire) – A drone based agritech solution that helps farmers to remotely monitor their farms and identify inefficiencies in production for better management of their land.

  • Zipora (Kenya) – Zipora is a smart luggage innovation with a patent-pending zipper that is breach-proof, and a security device that makes any zipped luggage smart. The smart device comes with a gps tracker, a tensioner, and vibration sensor to monitor luggage handling and breach attempts.

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