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30 Photos That Prove NORWAY Is a Real Life Fairy Tale

1. You basically can’t take a bad picture in Norway.

enhanced-buzz-wide-20711-1418836131-8Flickr: paszczak000 / Creative Commons


2. You can live on this island, surrounded by beautiful Norway, and NEVER LEAVE.

enhanced-buzz-wide-8620-1418903405-10Flickr: hbarrison / Creative Commons

3. You can see places like this in the middle of Oslo.

enhanced-buzz-wide-18537-1418902743-22Flickr: fcnikon / Creative Commons



4. The cliffs and waterfalls are just stunning.


enhanced-buzz-wide-29463-1418902674-9Flickr: hbarrison / Creative Commons


5. Waves freeze in Norway and look like this.


enhanced-buzz-wide-17800-1418902088-7Getty Images/iStockphoto AndreAnita


6. This is an incredible view


enhanced-buzz-wide-27942-1418835216-12Flickr: saipal / Creative Commons

7. Just imagine how peaceful it would be to live here.


enhanced-buzz-wide-5792-1418835140-11     Flickr: bvi4092 / Creative Commons

8. So many new friends to make.

enhanced-buzz-wide-25733-1418835065-25     Flickr: vigor / Creative Commons


9. There are just so many beautiful waterfalls.

enhanced-buzz-wide-20685-1418834986-18     Flickr: crowbared / Creative Commons


10. You simply have to see this, because how else can you even believe it’s real?

enhanced-buzz-wide-2628-1418834864-11Flickr: claudiaregina_cc / Creative Commons


11. The countryside will feel like home.


enhanced-buzz-wide-10715-1418834786-7Flickr: [email protected] / Creative Commons



12.  No photo can do this justice.


enhanced-buzz-wide-31714-1418834585-15Flickr: retu0w / Creative Commons



13. Reflections in the water mean you always see double the beautiful.


enhanced-buzz-wide-2682-1418834491-13Flickr: randihausken / Creative Commons

14. Even the shacks in Norway qualify as dream homes with views like this.


enhanced-buzz-wide-20658-1418834105-37Flickr: jarkko / Creative Commons


15. You can look across the water and see this.

enhanced-buzz-wide-6333-1418834288-20Flickr: [email protected] / Creative Commons

16. The skylines are colorful and unique.

enhanced-buzz-wide-10509-1418834674-21Flickr: leshaines123 / Creative Commons


17. Forests in Norway are pulled straight from a fantasy epic.

 enhanced-buzz-wide-18211-1418834064-14     Flickr: randihausken / Creative Commons

18. Who wouldn’t want to trade places with this girl right now?


enhanced-buzz-wide-29728-1418834008-15     Flickr: tfjensen / Creative Commons

19. The mountains are just begging to be climbed.


enhanced-buzz-wide-4599-1418833916-37Flickr: martindelusenet / Creative Commons


20. Norway’s cities are sprawling and full of life

enhanced-buzz-wide-8426-1418832663-11Flickr: trodel / Creative Commons

21. Its countryside is like stepping into a story book.


enhanced-buzz-wide-12034-1418832432-7Flickr: vigor / Creative Commons



22. You don’t want to miss the summer view either.

Flickr: fcnikon / Creative Commons

23. The winter view is incredible


enhanced-buzz-wide-391-1418834397-11Flickr: saipal / Creative Commons

24. Simply incredible

enhanced-buzz-wide-20629-1418832379-35Flickr: vigor / Creative Commons



25. There are plenty of interesting places to explore.

enhanced-buzz-wide-28885-1418832242-22Flickr: leshaines123 / Creative Commons

26. Awesome sights to see


Flickr: randihausken / Creative Commons

27. This looks right out of a scene of Frozen

enhanced-buzz-wide-25189-1418904548-7Flickr: [email protected] / Creative Commons




28.  Nothing gets more beautiful than the Northern Lights over snowy mountains.

enhanced-buzz-wide-16595-1418902354-8    Flickr: cfaobam / Creative Commons


29.  You’ll be completely be lost for words looking at a scene like this.

Flickr: ziobill / Creative Commons



30. You won’t have words to describe this scene

enhanced-buzz-wide-31177-1418834537-34     Flickr: jarkko / Creative Commons

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