3 weird reasons why men leave ‘good’ women



Several women who split from their partners say they never saw a breakup coming. Every thing their built around their partners came crashing with down once he said ‘it’s over’.

It’s not that these women aren’t great, in fact they make the best girlfriends.

But the truth is, your man may be dealing with certain issues which keeps him from fully expressing himself and may bolt as a result of the pressure of bottling it all inside.

First of all, understanding the problems behind your sudden break up would help you get over your heart break or at best, reconcile with your ex.


Inspired by YourTango, here are 3 secret reasons men leave good women

1. He felt there was too much competition in the relationship. A man feels incapable and emasculated if he has to compete with a woman for the control of a relationship.

2. He feels he’s constantly disrespected. A man can never build his life around a woman whom he knows has little respect for him or his opinions. Your respect makes him feel great, showering him with acceptance makes him want you by his side always.

3. He felt there was too much emotional pressure in your relationship. Maybe he felt like he’ll never be good enough for you and decided to walk away from it all.


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